Time Share Vacation

In Family, Travel on April 2, 2009 at 11:54 am

My daughter and I own a time share in Orlando, Florida (yes, there are other Orlandos) and this is the first year we’re using it. It’s an every-other-year time share and we bought it in December of 2007 when we visited Orlando the last time. In fact, the time share company bankrolled part of that vacation. We had reduced tickets to either Disney or Universal Studios (we chose Universal), free hotel accommodations and complimentary tickets to the Arabian Nights dinner theater. All we had to do was attend a presentation while we were down there. We did, intending to resist all the sales pressure…but we bought one anyway.

We’re having second thoughts. We pay a good chunk of change every month for it and then there are the costs of the trip when we finally use it. Sure, the condo is “free” but there’s the transportation to Orlando, which isn’t cheap even if you go by car. We tried to find a decently-priced air fare, but flying would mean that we’d have to rent a  car while we’re down there. So we decided to drive, even though it’s a fifteen-hour drive and we’re going to have to stay somewhere for a night on the way down and back. We’re going to see if the whole trip seems worth it. If not, we’ll try to sell it. If it is, we’ll keep on paying for it (we’ll have it paid off in three years).

We’re leaving in two days and staying for almost a week. I’ll keep you posted on how things go…


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