In Motion

In Health on January 15, 2009 at 11:07 am

I guess I haven’t reported on the progress with my broken foot. I got out of the boot cast on December 30th and just went back for a check-up. The break is filling in nicely, the doctor said, and he doesn’t think that I need physical therapy. Thank God, I’ve been that route and it’s rough!

I found out from my six-week-long enforced immobility that movement is a wonderful thing. I feel so free. like I can do anything. Unfortunately, the thing I most like to do is to write and I spend hours at it each day. I now realize that I need–and want–to do more with my life. Some of it I could care less about: like cleaning my house (although I do enjoy the feeling of a freshly cleaned home). But what about getting out in nature, taking a walk around the neighborhood, getting my old bike refurbished and starting to take bike rides, going out for lunch with friends, visiting relatives?

I’ve been trying to lose weight forever and all I did was put more on, especially when I was confined to the couch for six weeks. I know that exercise is a key component, but I shy away from it. The only exercise I really enjoy is swimming and I don’t have easy (and free) access to a swimming pool. A few years ago I belonged to a fitness club that had a pool and it was heaven. But I can’t afford that now, so I’m reduced to things like walking and calisthenics in my home.

I reluctantly admit that getting more exercise HAS to be one of my New Year resolutions, but I’m going to have a rough go of it. I’ll keep you posted.


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