Power Outage

In Family on September 17, 2008 at 12:55 pm

The big news around where I live is the horrendous wind storm we had on Sunday and the fact that over a million homes in Ohio ended up without power for at least two days.  At least a half a million are still without power as of last night when I saw the news. Toppled trees taking down power lines were the main culprits. They also killed four people at last count and caused all kinds of damage to cars and buildings. I haven’t heard a price tag yet, but it will be huge.

Miraculously, my house never lost power. But the homes of the three daughters that still live in Ohio did. The two that live in Columbus brought over their perishables to put in our refrigerator and freezer and one of them brought a crockpot full of lamb stew which they needed to cook up. I suggested that they come over and eat it at our house (thus effectively inviting myself to eat their food) and then I called my other daughter and her husband to come over as well.

I made salads to start out the meal and sliced up strawberries for dessert. The stew was delicious and there was plenty for six. We had a really nice time. I always enjoy being around my kids, listening to their stories and wondering what they’re laughing about. One of them commented that most families do this periodically for no reason, but we don’t do it unless there’s a power outage.

She had a good point, unfortunately. Maybe I ought to change that.


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