Our Cats

In Pets on September 9, 2008 at 6:52 pm

We now officially have two cats who lick the residue out of yogurt cups and get them stick on their heads. It’s hilarious to watch them back up thinking that they can extricate themselves from the situation. The first and oldest one, Buttons, has figured out how to use her paws to dislodge it. The younger one, Princess Mimi (or Mimi for short), who is actually Buttons’ daughter, has not. It’s fun to watch.

We got these two cats because of my third daughter’s rescue mentality. She already had two cats and a dog when she found a skinny but obviously pregnant cat wandering the streets around her neighborhood. She took her home, intending to keep her until she had her kittens. I ended up paying for all of their shots and once the kittens were weaned, Momma Kitty, as she was known then, came to live with us.

We had just lost our dog, Tipper, to liver cancer and didn’t think we were ready for another pet. But as soon as I saw Momma Kitty, I knew. She’s a calico and I’ve always been partial to these crazy cats. Because they do all seem to be crazy. I thought Momma Kitty was pretty laid-back and mild-mannered when we took her in, but that must have been only while playing Momma, because she soon started tearing around our house chasing ghosts or demons or something else we couldn’t see.

We ended up with Mimi because my oldest daughter, who had taken her at first, had to have her older cat put to sleep and couldn’t bear to have a reminder around the house. Besides, Mimi was the type of cat who needs companionship. Cat companionship. She still does. Whenever Buttons goes outside (we don’t allow Mimi to yet; she’s not fixed), Mimi meows constantly until her beloved friend and mother comes back inside again.

I don’t think they know that they’re mother and daughter, because when we first brought Mimi home, Buttons hissed and growled at her for days. But they gradually got used to each other’s company and now they lie next to each other when they sleep, wrestle each other when they’re feeling playful and lick each other’s heads whenever one of them has been in a yogurt cup.


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