Old Friends

In Friends, Religion on September 6, 2008 at 3:11 pm

I’m going to Martha’s daughter’s open house today and I’m really excited. I haven’t seen Martha in three years and we’ve only spoken on the phone once in all that time. I didn’t even get a Christmas letter from her this past year and it made me worry. I was afraid that her breast cancer had come back and she was too sick to write one. I always look forward to her cards and letters. For the longest time we had no other way of staying in each other’s lives.

Now we live five minutes from one another. I’d love to see her more, but it seems that she’s pretty busy and I’m not great for getting out of the house. I also can’t help but wonder if her husband discourages her from having much to do with me. I’m probably a back-slidden Christian in his eyes (maybe in hers, too). What with my four marriages. I feel like the woman at the well. Or Mary Magdelene.

That’s one thing that I hate about fundamentalist Christians: they won’t have anything to do with those who are not, even if those people are self-professed Christians. Sometimes I feel like they’re judging me and I come up wanting. I hope I don’t feel that way today. I’m sensitive enough about my religion, or lack of it. What would they think if they knew that I was thinking about becoming Catholic?

Sometimes I’m surprised that we’re still friends. I can still remember–I might even still have–some of the letters that she wrote me over the years that seemed almost preachy. Okay, they definitely were preachy. She was always writing about how much the Lord had done in her life. I felt that the Lord had done a lot in mine, too. Our lives just looked very different.

Maybe they’re not so different now. The last time I talked to her, she seemed less happy in her marriage, somewhat dissatisfied with her life, and tumbled about by worries about her children. Maybe she’s just suffereing from the empty nest syndrome. Maybe she’s not so smug about her Christianity. I would like to think that she is more open to me and hearing about my life now. I guess we’ll see.


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